Jamplay Review 2017

After procrastinating all year long, the time has come to finally put your new year’s resolution of learning to play an instrument into practice. You have settled on the instrument that seems easiest to learn, the guitar. Now, guitar lessons don’t come cheap, especially if you want to learn fast. There is, however, the option of online guitar lessons that can help you achieve the same purpose for less money. One of the best-known sites offering online guitar lessons is JamPlay.

JamPlay started offering online guitar instruction in 2006. Since then, under the able leadership of the site’s founders Jeff Booth, Kevin Wimer and Chris Dawson, this platform has grown in leaps and bounds.

Here is an honest jamplay review that highlights the portal’s key features, strengths and, some discernible downs. Read on and find out what is on offer for the aspiring guitarist.

  1. Structured Beginner Lessons

JamPlay takes beginner lessons seriously, realizing that today’s beginners are tomorrow’s professionals; the beginner’s learning program follows a clear progression, with a 4-phase approach. The course begins with fundamental skills, then genre lessons, song lessons and finally songwriting. Qualified instructors, most of whom are performers in their own right, teach all the lessons. Each of the 70 tutors has lesson videos posted on JamPlay. After you sign up, you can browse through these videos, and choose your instructor based on the mode of content delivery.

When a newbie signs up, he or she goes through the basic skills necessary for guitar playing. These skills form the necessary foundation for any musician. Once the newbie completes the first phase, he or she can move on to genre and skill lessons. The best part of this learning program is the fact that you can interact with your instructor directly and ask questions. There is also an active community forum of members ready to help if you are stuck.

JamPlay’s newbie program will have you playing your favorite songs within no time.

  1. Resources

Resources are a crucial topic in this JamPlay Review. Any website offering guitar lessons should have a broad range of relevant resources available to you, the student.

JamPlay is jam-packed with loads of learning material for you. These include over 300 song lessons, 5,000 video lessons, tab and chord charts, and much more. In addition, JamPlay gives you backing tracks, a metronome, and a guitar tuner.

If you learn better from live interaction, you can choose to sign up for live webcam lessons and workshops. Also, if there is a topic you do not understand, you can go to the online forum where you will most likely find an active discussion on the same subject going on. JamPlay has thought of everything!

  1. Content of Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

Once you complete your beginner lessons, JamPlay offers a smooth progression path to succeeding levels. For instance, upon completing the first level, you are now able to decide which genre you want to specialize in and make use of the resources to perfect your skills in the chosen area. For example, if you choose jazz, you can opt to learn jazz scales and chords using the library. You can also watch the videos on jazz riffs, or do a live lesson with your favorite jazz instructor.

As you progress, you will benefit more from the artist workshops where you learn from actual performers. The combo of artist workshops and live lessons, will help you apply what you have learned so far. For example, you may not know how or where to use a seventh chord correctly. However, when you watch a professional explain the concept and then apply it in his or her lesson and music, you will easily grasp the concept.

  1. Website Access

This JamPlay Review would be incomplete without a look at their website. JamPlay’s website acts as the point of contact between you, the client, and JamPlay, the provider.

The JamPlay homepage features a series of introductory videos and a handy drop-down menu. The home page also features a list of the available lessons, the instructors and recently added learning material. You can create a personal account, and with a modicum of ease. The account will help you keep track of lessons viewed and completed. You can also use this account to track your individual progress and bookmark lessons that you would like to review later.

JamPlay updates its content bank regularly, adding over 11 hours of lesson material monthly. In addition, the song library is regularly updated to include more recent and relevant music. JamPlay is probably the most active publisher of high-definition video guitar lessons worldwide.

Jamplay Review

  1. Cost Implications

The final topic in this JamPlay review is the touchy issue, money.

The question is, does signing up with JamPlay make more economic sense than hiring a private tutor? Of course! Just compare JamPlay’s $19.95 monthly fee with the $30 or more that you would have to fork out for an hour-long individual lesson. This monthly fee gives you unlimited access to the resources available on the site, at no extra cost. In addition, you get to access live teaching sessions with accomplished artists and participate in the active community forum with guitarists from all over the world.

JamPlay also gives everyone who signs up, a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you sign up and you are not happy with the service, you will get your money back. For those who may be thinking that seven days is a short time to make up your mind, think about in this light; if you do an average of two lessons daily, in five days you will have done ten lessons. By this time you will know whether you are making any progress.

To conclude this JamPlay Review, it is safe to assume that JamPlay is an excellent site for online guitar lessons, and has something for guitarists of all levels, including novices. Apart from being able to playing your favorite songs after just a few lessons, you will also get the opportunity to experience more of your chosen style and genre.

If you get tired of one genre, you can move on to another one without having to pay an extra fee. JamPlay gives you full value for your membership fee, giving you access to all the resources that you require to become a good guitarist. Why do you need to look anywhere else? JamPlay will turn you into the guitarist you have always wanted to be!